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Interacting with people of all ages is one of the highlights of being an author and writing instructor. In school presentations, I talk with children about the importance of revision that follows the never-perfect first draft, as well as how mere curiosity and “small moments” lead to ideas and story beginnings. My focus is nature, but the sub-focus is perseverance.

Most of my presentations integrate Common Core Curriculum standards found in my and illustrator Sylvia Long’s nature series covering the topics of eggs, seeds, butterflies, rocks, nests, and beetles. What the planet will be like is in our children’s little hands. Their superpower is knowledgeable stewardship derived from facts. The series is chockfull of information and little-known facts.

The goal of my presentations is to ignite children’s imaginations, inspire curiosity
and motivate them to plunge into writing, storytelling, nature, and art full STEAM

What are your presentations like?

My presentations are interactive and designed to encourage questions by both
children and teachers. I’m there to talk about what they want to know. I enjoy
sharing what I’ve learned about writing, where ideas come from, the necessity
of revision, and how writing can be fun. Generally, I read one of my books, show
a 15-minute PowerPoint/Google Slides, and talk about my experience as a writer— both as a
children’s book author and a former journalist. A good portion of time is allotted for Q&A.

Note: Students should be familiar with my books ahead of time!


Will you do virtual visits?

Absolutely! Speaking to children this way is more of a conversation, more of a personal experience, and likely more rewarding. Class by class, each child has an opportunity to talk to me, and I, them. I prefer to visit virtually one to two classes at a time. 


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