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Dianna Fun Facts!

1. My favorite color is morning glory blue.

2. I landed on Earth near NASA on August 12, 1964. While my mom was unconscious, my dad named me Dianna Lyn after his favorite actress, Diana Lynn.

3. Sleeping is one of my Top 5 favorite activities because I enjoy visiting other worlds.

4. I learned to drive when I was 11 on the NEO campus in Miami, OK, located on Route 66.

5. When I was a half century old, I drove the length of Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, California.

6. If I was going to live on another planet, like Kepler 452b, and I could only take 3 kinds of food, I’d pack my recyclable bag with pepperoni pizza, donuts, shrimp and macaroni and cheese. (Some rules are meant to be broken!)

7. In 2006, I gave away almost all my belongings, donated hundreds of books to the Buda, Texas public library, put my grandmother’s chair in storage, packed what my car would hold, and moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

8. For seven years, I crewed hot air balloons in San Miguel with a bunch of guys.

9. When I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a put a slice of bologna in the middle.

10. I’ve ridden 35,000 miles on the back of a Kawasaki from southern Mexico to Sandpoint, Idaho on the Canadian border. Once we even accidentally ended up in the Pan American Road Race behind the Federales car.

11. The number of times I’ve jumped out of a plane is 10. (Don’t tell my mom!)

12. I painted my car with happy symbols, carried paint pens always so people could sign their names to it, and drove from Laredo, TX to Niagara Falls, NY. Then I donated it to a horse rescue organization.

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