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Wow! Thank You!

Teachers enjoy my presentations! Here’s what a few of them have said: 

 "Our Google Meets meeting was wonderful! Having you not only do an interactive read aloud of “Dream Something Big,” but also the Q&A and encouraging my students to be inventors of their own wonderful ideas.–Jenna DuBose, Third grade teacher," Lockhart ISD, Lockhart, TX 

"My kindergarten students were thrilled to have a special Zoom meeting with Dianna Hutts Aston. Dianna was engaging to my young students. After we listened to her read, “Loony Little,” she helped my kids make connections and apply critical thinking about how they can make a difference in slowing climate change. Her work is perfect for connecting students to nature, inspiring them to wonder, and provoking them to think critically. –Lydia Panvini, Kindergarten Teacher, Judson ISD, Converse, TX 

That was the most amazing experience EVER!!!!! I loved all of the messages you cascaded through virtual space and time: Never give up, dream something REALLY big, learn STEM subjects because they are the future of space exploration…and so many more golden nuggets of wisdom. She is a magnificent person, among the best of the best walking this planet." –Hillery Rubens, First grade teacher, Riverside, CA 

“They were as fascinated and engaged with her in person as they are when reading her books. She inspired their curiosity. One of my second-grade students commented that her words make things come alive. An excellent experience!” –Kimberly Ward, Pike Road Historical School, Montgomery County, AL 



I promise we’ll have fun if you invite me to your school (virtually or otherwise)! 
But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what kids have said: 

Now I want to study nature when I grow up.” –Love, Greeshma 

“I like your words.” –Ruby, Austin, TX 

“I loved your presentashon it was like a present to me.” –Love, Logan 

“I love your heart what it looks like. Mine looks the same as yours. I love to look for animals, rocks, underwater animals. My heart is like an earth. I love prutecking the earth….”—Unsigned, Student, Greentown, OH 

“I realy liked that you broat in those cool bones and the other things they were realy cool. You inspired me to do amazing things like you did. Your amazing!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!” –Jenna H. 

“You are so adventurist and I LOVE that!” –Hannah


“Thank you so much for coming. I realy liked your visit. I liked learning all those facts. Also thank you so so so much for doing it all for free, even I wouldn’t do it for free and I go to this school! You realy saved us a lot of $ $ $ $ $ $ $ thanks again.” –Joe, student, Greentown, OH  


Virtual presentations: 

“Dianna Aston’s superpower is to offer children a beautiful, engaging story loaded with essential facts about the natural world. We learned so much about the variety of seeds and how they work by reading ‘A Seed is Sleepy’ to children, and gained an even greater appreciation, respect and sense of awe when I look at what tiny and huge seeds alike can do!”  –Lisa Duchene, Penn State Master Gardener, Co-founder, Bellefonte Community Children’s Garden 

“Adding a special guest talk with Dianna Aston was an engaging class session in my course. She shared her creative process with my teacher education students. Dianna’s insight into writing for children inspired my students to include a variety of texts into their future classrooms."–Dana Evans, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Troy University, Department of Teacher Education. 

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